Monday, 10 January 2011

Winter updates

Phew. long time no news! It's been a busy start of winter ... on that topic a happy new year to everyone! Welcome if you're reading this for the first time on PlanetSUSE, have a look at my intro if you're curious who I am.

A few updates on what I've been working on this month at least.

libopensync-plugin-akonadi 0.22.1 released
Released an update to try and make it work better with the Google Akonadi resource (thanks ares)

Package updates on the OBS
  • Packaged krazy2, the KDE code quality checker, straight from git in KDE:Unstable:Playground
  • Updated get_iplayer, the BBC iPlayer download tool, in home:MasterPatricko. It now works!
  • Packaged powertop2 beta, the power consumption monitor, in home:MasterPatricko; interesting improvements compared to powertop. Needs kernel 2.6.37 (i.e. Factory or Kernel:HEAD) to show off its full power, but still works in 11.3.
  • Update liquidwar6, the particle simulation game, to 0.0.9beta in games
  • Update maxima, the Computer Algebra system, in science to 5.23.0
  • Update unshield, the .CAB file extractor from the SynCE project, in Archiving (and eventually Factory) to 0.6

  • Fix build of denyhosts, the SSH brute-force protection tool, on x86_64

  • Update redshift, the auto screen-brightness adjuster in Factory:Contrib to 0.6

  • Created a package vncserver-autostart in home:MasterPatricko which adds an init script to start a tightvnc vncserver on bootup. Complete with sysconfig-style configuration. Completely insecure of course but perfect for a local network.

Started using my hard-earned openSUSE member benefits; tejas.guruswamy AT and masterpatricko AT are operational; got the blog syndicated on

Plus, as always, I have a couple of new project ideas I'd like to get started on ... more on that soon. Comments welcome as always

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