Saturday, 13 August 2011

redshift and backintime in Factory

Well, it's been a long while since my last news ... but I've got some nice news to report - my submissions of redshift and backintime were accepted into openSUSE Factory. So these useful programs will be part of the next openSUSE release, hooray!

Redshift is a little command-line (and GTK) utility which reduces screen brightness at night (via colour temperature, so your screen becomes more red). Given your location in the world, it automatically calculates sunset and sunrise and gradually ramps up/down the brightness at the right times. I find it makes working at night easier on the eyes, and wrote a little plasmoid to control it easily from the desktop, which I will also release when I get some time.
For previous openSUSE versions one can download and install redshift from its OBS devel project, X11:Utilities.

Backintime is a backup program, effectively a rsync frontend, with GUIs for KDE and GNOME. Once configured with which folders you want to back up, and where you want to back up to, it can automatically take backups based on a schedule. Also a very nice feature is that on filesystems that support it (not FAT), it uses hardlinks to the previous backup, so each backup is a full backup but only changed files take up space on the backup disk. Each backup is just a normal copy of all the folders, so no special software is needed for recovery, but backintime offers a GUI that allows you to easily navigate through all your backed up versions of a folder. IMO it's the best userfriendly but complete backup software for Linux desktops. backintime used to be packaged by packman and now lives on the OBS in Archiving:Backup.

Enjoy! If you have other interesting programs that aren't in openSUSE remember that anyone can contribute to Factory now, so if you are willing to maintain them, go ahead and submit them on the OBS! My next target is byobu, a set of preconfigured GNU screen profiles (I never figured out how to write hardstatus lines!)

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